Chiefs Freshie

Chiefs Freshie

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Limited Edition 

Don’t Wait They Will Be Gone.

These Will Be Picked In Random #1 Fragrances Triple Scented & Last Up To 45 Days.

Scents Available

Leather & Lace

Apple Cinnamon

Bump & Grind (smells like Fruit Stripe )

A Thousand Wishes (BBW)

Baja Cactus Blossom (Scentsy)

Black Cherry Merlot (BBW)

Black Raspberry Vanilla

Lemon Drop

Coconut Lime

mahogany teakwood (perfect for a guy)

Winter Candle Apple

Sea Island Cotton

Black Ice (perfect for a guy)

Cocobutter Cashmere

Cherry Leather

Watermelon Leather

Coconut Leather

Strawberry Leather

Leather and Lace


Abercrombie Fierce

SoCal Hollister

Birds of Paradise

Flip Flops

Vanilla Bean

Bikini Bottom

Pink Cotton

Country Roads

Bowties and Bourbon